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About this site


Back in 2005 just everyone had a webblog, at least most of my friends. Today the people using Twitter or Facebook to let everyone know whatever they want them to know, and noone cares about the old weblogs. So it's the right time to start one.

Actually this is how the story could be told but it is not why i'm starting this blog. This blog is much more a software experiment rather than a blogging experiment. I wanted to start experimenting with C++ again since i stopped it arround 8 years ago. You might argue that starting a blog doesn't have mucht to do with C++ experiments, but this blog actually has, since the blog software is entirely written in C++ using tntnet.

So, it is a programming experiment, and i like to try the code in practise. I'll add some content about programming, tntnet, Unix and may be some other technical stuff here, since i need content and readers do get any practical resuls from this experiment.


23 Nov 2011, 18:43 by Odila


Lucky who feel like playing while working :)

Buddy you have a typo here: when you wrote "doen't" must be "doesn't". Isn't it? :)

Congrats! Nice blog!

26 Nov 2011, 11:56 by Julian


You're perfectly right, i fixed it. 

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