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C++(7) Solaris(4) tntnet(3) vi(3) Linux(2) DeleGate(2) Postgres(2) proxy(2) cxxtools(1) regex(1) readline(1) dtrace(1) gcc(1) MeeGo(1) ssh(1) firefox(1)

Not only a forward and reverse proxy


DeleGate is just amazing, it is not only a very simple HTTP and SOCKS proxy, it also can redirect TCP Ports to a host in an other network or provide the content of a /etc/hosts file as DNS Server and much more. Here are a fews usage examples.

Simple HTTP reverse Proxy, caching behaviour can be controlled optionally

delegated -P80 SERVER=http://www.vtoc.de/

Forwarding a TCP (Postgres in this case) Port. This can be usefull, if you migrate the database to an remote host and you canot take the ip with you. An IP after -P tells delegate to bind that address only

delegated -P10.20.20.42:5432 SERVER=tcprelay://

Tunnel a TCP connection thru a socks proxy

delegated -P10.20.20.42:5432 SERVER=tcprelay:// SOCKS=proxyhost:port

Making an HTTPS only service available to HTTP clients

delegated -P80 SERVER=http MOUNT="/* https://httpshost/*" STLS=fsv:https

SSL proxy for ftp

delegated -P990 SERVER=ftps MOUNT="/* ftp://localhost/*" STLS=fsv

Standalone HTTP Server

delegated -P80 SERVER=http MOUNT="/* file:/var/www/html/*"

DNS Server from hosts file

delegated -P53 SERVER=dns RESOLV=file:/etc/hosts

DeleGate can do much more, like cronjobs or run as inetd server, best you look into the documentation.

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